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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  November 25, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight in the case of a 5-year-old florida girl reportedly snatched from her own bed in the middle of the night. little haleigh cummings vanishing without a trace. major developments as we go to air. baby sirott, misty croslin's father, arrested. hank croslin, accused of doctor shopping to the tune of over 300 pills of the dangerous painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone from three different doctors. now, authorities working the haleigh investigation say they plan to question the elder croslin about haleigh's disappearance. what does he know? cops again reiterate, former stepmom/baby sirott misty croslin is not giving them the
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whole story. misty, now back home with a family after having a protective order against her own brother dropped last week and now that the whole family is under one roof, will misty finally reveal what she knows about haleigh's disappearance? >> when i went to sleep, she was there, with and when i woke up, she was gone. >> breaking news in the case of 5-year-old florida girl, haleigh cummings. vanishing from her own home in the middle of the night. investigators working the haleigh case say they plan to question misty croslin's father, hank croslin, about the toddler's disappearance. >> to me, it's a very dysfunctional family and that's the best way i can describe that. >> we save jail beds for child molesters, murders, rapists, arsonists, drug lords. is this a police attempt to get the truth? >> hank croslin is currently behind bars after being arrested
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tuesday, charged with fraudulently obtains prescription drugs. >> this is such a travesty and such a circus that i'm waiting for the acrobats to come in. it's one ridiculous story on top of another. it's all very ludicrous, and what about haleigh? isn't she supposed to be the focus? >> cops maintain babysitter misty croslin has not been consistent in her story and knows more than she's telling them. croslin recently moved back home with her family after having a restraining order against her brother dropped. >> these people blurt out anything that comes to mind. they are focused on each other. nobody seems to be focused on the little girl. >> good evening. i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. hank croslin accused of doctor shopping, allegedly receiving
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over 300 pills of ox yycodone a hydrocodone from three different doctors. now authorities plan to question hank croslin about haleigh's disappearance. what does he know? >> we would love to have a break in this case. and we really would not care who it implicates. >> new details emerge in the case of 5-year-old florida girl, haleigh cummings. misty's dad arrested tuesday accused of doctor shopping for dangerous narcotics. allegedly, over 300 pills from three different doctors. now investigators working the haleigh case say they will question hank croslin about the night haleigh went missing. >> if this family is willing to betray each other over something like getting a get out of jail free card, what does that say about her and who is she willing to betray? is he betraying ron? is she betraying haleigh? >> police say his daughter, misty croslin, the last person
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to say haleigh alive is not telling them everything she knows and is holding something back. >> if this girl keeps doing what she's doing, it's only a question of time before she's charged with something having to do with this kid's disappearance. she just repeatedly, repeatedly contradicts herself. >> croslin moved back in with her parents last week after an order of protection against her brother was dropped at her request. >> ronald cummings, did it ever disturb you that misty croslin's story actually changed? >> yes, ma'am, it did. >> she's the last one to see our daughter and her stories just don't add up. everything she says is crazy. >> yet another croslin family member in trouble. pills, pills, and art harris, investigative journalist,, more pills. >> pat, i'll tell you, this is the latest in a very dysfunctional family. and it shows that the police are no longer keeping their strategy close to the vest. they are not just targeting misty, but her whole family.
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and if they can keep them in jail long enough, they're hoping that somebody will point something out against the other. >> marlaina schiavo, nancy grace producer, we do know the strategy may have worked once before. tell us how and why. >> well, that's right, pat. a while ago, tommy croslin jr., misty's brother, was arrested. during that time, they set a really high bond for him. and they started to interrogate him and then he gave new information about the case. he told police that he went to the house the night haleigh went missing and he started banging on the door and no one answered. that was another whohole in miss story at that point. something we had never heard before in this investigation. >> but marlaina, hang on, why did he wait so long to tell cops something so obviously pertinent? >> i know. and people have questioned his motives, even misty questioned his motives, saying he just wanted to lower his bond, and
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his bond was, in fact, lowered. however, some of the things he said that night sort of corroborated with some other things they knew about phone calls that were made to him from ronald. and he said, as a result of those phone calls, that's why he went to the house. so they definitely took it into consideration and, you know, so they're just looking to see if they could get another nugget of information like that. >> very quickly, back to today's discovery. dr. jean shawa, medical examiner, how serious is this issue? these kind of pills? >> this is commonly referred to a class of drugs as narcotics. the lay term is painkiller. it's mainly used for people with cancer, with people just after surgery for short-term use, it's partnerships only. and unfortunately, it's being commonly abused because of the addictive nature of the medication and also because it's highly profitable industry market. ellie jostad, "nancy grace"
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producer, this is the poster family for domestic dysfunction. a lot of criminality going on here. brief description of who and what. >> in addition to her father being arrested, as we explained, her brother, tommy, also arrested just a week ago for a domestic incident. he apparently got into a fistfight with his father. before that, the same brother was arrested for drug possession. he was asleep in his car, when they searched his car, they found drugs. and prior to that, he was arrested for the theft of a handgun from a neighbor. now, misty croslin's mother, also arrested, also for stealing from that same neighbor. she allegedly stole checks from that neighbor, wrote them to herself, and cashed them. >> sheryl mccollum, crime analyst, head of cold case squad pine lake pd. i'm not convinced the cops are making up these allegations. these people get in trouble. >> yeah, they're not making up
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anything. this guy has been arrested because he's a drug addict. and what the police will be looking for is whether or not he's fixing to suffer from withdrawals or wants to him, why he's in jail, then they'll go after him and find out what he knows. >> doug burns, defense attorney, you would argue they're piling on, i bet? >> well, yes and no. i can't really argue in good faith, pat, they're just going out and arresting people to create leverage. but what i would argue is that it's a separate crime, it has nothing toot with the disappearance, and they shouldn't question him about it. >> but hugo rodriguez, this is a serious environment this child lived in. >> it's a serious environment. my question is, is it going to be -- is he distributing the pills or is he consuming the pills? if he's an addict, as someone has said, then it's not as serious as you may think and it will be disposed of in a drug court unless he has some significant priors. if he's distributing in the state of florida, there's a minimum mandatory sentence and
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he'll do jail time. >> just looking at this little girl and looking at the people surrounding her, i don't want to make judgments, but it had to be a tough life for a 5-year-old. >> oh, it had to be. there's so much neglect, the drug abuse is rampant in this family. remember, misty recently called 911 because she was roughed up while she was trying to procure drugs. and i think this family, their whole life is organized around oxycontin, around chasing that next high. and when the high that she -- temporary high of drug abuse is that important, you don't care about the law. you don't care about going to school. you don't care about the third generation when you're the grandparents. you don't care about your grandchildren. and what happens to a child when that child's interfering with your high? >> you know, you brought up that 911 call. i'm hoping, and i'm going to hear in my ear, we have time to hear it. this is misty calling 911 when
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she was accosted. >> art harris, was that 911 event after the disappearance of misty -- excuse me, of haleigh? >> it sure was. that was several weeks ago, pat, when she was with two other young women and they were cruising a very bad neighborhood. one went in, purportedly, to
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find a dealer and came back with a couple of guys who roughed up misty and yanked her purse and she was very, very distraught. she was hurt. she went to the hospital and was treated for minor injuries and released. but you can hear the tone, the actual -- the anguish in her voice, which some have said is far more genuine than the 911 call on the night that she reported haleigh missing. >> and ellie jostad, there's a couple of other 911s, clearly, the night the child went missing, but there's a third. >> i'm not sure which one you're talking about. >> the road rage incident? >> oh, yes, of course, the road rage incident. she is with a friend of hers, they're in the orlando area. a woman called 911 claiming that misty and this friend driving the car were menacing her, waving at her. she thought they had a gun. turned out they didn't, but she called 911 to report it.
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>> she didn't make no noise that night. i would have woke up if i heard any noise. i mean, i didn't hear anything at all. i was really exhausted that day, you know, really exhausted and when i laid down, i guess i was just out.
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>> 3:00 in the morning, i got up. i got up because i had to use the bathroom, but i didn't make it to the bathroom. i seen the kitchen light on and i walked in the kitchen and the back door is wide open. >> right beside me on my left is the bed where misty croslin was sleeping. and here on the right, we have
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the bed where little haleigh was sleeping. and you can see, it is all but about 3 1/2 feet from each other. and this is right where misty said she got up and she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. >> i have to leave the investigative part of this to law enforcement, because, you know, if i go with every whim and every accusation, then i'm going to be flipping back and forth in my life. and, you know, what we stand, you know, we just stand for haleigh here. we just want haleigh to come home. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. again, our latest development today that the father of misty
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arrested on drug charges. i want to go to our patiently waiting caller, starting with lip linda in texas. good evening, linda. >> caller: how are you? >> well, your question? >> caller: i've got a question. cops are able to arrest every character that are in this picture, but they can't find haleigh. i mean, misty's not score high on the iq, i assume, and nor do the people surrounding haleigh. >> good question. and marc klaas, president and founder of klaas kids foundation, it's heartbreaking, we've got every kind of arrest except for getting this little girl back home. >> yeah, that's absolutely true, pat. it is heartbreaking. i think what -- to just extend on something that dr. marshall was mentioning, you know, the shaniya davis case has demonstrating to us the extremes that chronic drug users will go to chase that next high. and we have seen in this case
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that almost everybody associated with it, not just misty's family, but their friends, their neighbors, their associates, are, in fact, chronic drug users. and they become stripped of their own moral bearing and they are willing to go to extremes to achieve instant self-gratification. and it wouldn't surprise me at all if this case did find itself in the realm of human trafficking. >> very interesting. and i want -- i think it's really important for us to, you know, re-state the case. and i'm going to allow marlaina to kind of give us a brief synopsis of what allegedly went down, according to misty, that night. >> according to misty, pat, the night before haleigh went missing, misty allegedly put her down for bed at 10:00 p.m., ronald was at work. misty claim she was in the big bed with junior, ronald's son, and she said she got up at
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around 3:00 a.m. and she was going to go to the bathroom, but she noticed the kitchen light was on. so she went to go investigate, then she comes back, she noticed haleigh was gone. she said she started turning over the entire trailer. she was looking under beds, as you can see, there's nothing to look under, because the beds are on the floor. but anyway, she also said that she was looking around. finally, ronald comes home, about 25 minutes later, and that's when she dacalls 911. >> art harris, investigative journalist, she waits a half hour. police say she's inconsistent in what she has to say. quickly, what are those inconsistencies? >> well, she keeps changing aspects of her story, pat, from what the kids were watching in the way of movies, where the movie changer was, could misty, you know, could haleigh have changed it herself by climbing high up on this dresser, which would have been impossible. there are a number of -- did she wash a blanket that she said
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haleigh had possibly soiled. there are a number of questions here, including a letter that later surfaced from her good friend, a party pal she was, the weekend before she went missing, that raised the question that she went to a party with haleigh and she accidentally overdosed on oxycontin and her body was tossed by someone else into the pond. this has not been corroborated. there's no evidence of this, other than a letter by this party pal who has since moved in with misty and her family. >> they've been on me for six months. they haven't left me alone for six months. i've been the one, the main focus. they just need to move on and look for the right person.
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what is her story about what happened that night? >> she went to bed -- she put haleigh to bed, done some laundry, went to bed and woke up to the door propped open. >> there was a brick, like a cinder block, that was holding the screen door open. and that brick, that door, that screen door is always closed, you know. that brick, i've never seen the brooke even around there. the cops said there was a whole bunch of bricks about 50 feet away, but i've never seen any bricks at all. >> all i want is my daughter. it doesn't matter -- it doesn't matter -- >> do you suspect she did anything? >> i don't have any suspicions of anybody. anybody could have done
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anything. i don't know what's what. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. i'm wondering, sheryl mccollum, if this is an environment of heavy drug use. and we know misty was out partying for three days the weekend prior. she could have been in a coma and somebody could have snatched the kid. >> absolutely, no question. i think that's one thing the police are looking at. and listen, the greatest investigative tool they've got right now is time. they don't need to get in a hurry. at some point, a member of this family is going to want to help themselves. >> doug burns, defense attorney, what -- this young woman, misty, has apparently flunked all kinds of polygraph tests. doesn't mean anything, i understand, legally, but what are you going to do with this if this is your client? >> it's tough, because inconsistent statements lead to the conclusion that, you know, the person's hiding something and has the intent. but another related point, which you started to touch on, and you're right is, you know, everybody's criticizing her for inconsistencies, but the fact of matter is, if she does are these objective drug problems, she
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doesn't remember, half the time, what happened, and that could be a more innocent explanation for it. >> and hugo rodriguez, your position if this were your client? you know, here's a 17-year-old -- >> i'd tell her to keep her mouth shut. >> well, yeah, but what's amazing to me is that there's all these arrests and she was the last person with the child and, you know, cops call her key, but they can't call her a suspect and if you're an attorney, you're going to be happy about that. >> well, whether she's a suspect, a target, a point of interest or whatever, she's the last person too see haleigh. there's obvious -- she's the focus of the investigation. but as her lawyer, if i was representing her, she needs to keep her mouth shut. >> all right, i've got a short amount of time. i want to go to joanna in pennsylvania. very quickly, give me that question. >> caller: hi, pat. >> hi. question, quickly. >> caller: my question is, identify been watching this from the beginning when you first see misty. she's wearing a red high school sports coat. then, when she does all these interviews, all of a sudden, at
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the airport, i believe it was, she had a gorgeous coat, dressed gorgeous, her nails all done, beautiful makeup. is she getting paid? i mean, i know she loves the attention, but is she also getting paid for the interviews? >> we'll answer when we come back. >> i hope that they find my child alive, obviously, but one way or another, i want my daughter to come home. i need some closure.
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i pulled into the yard, the front door was wide open, she was standing in it. i asked her what she was doing up. she told me that the back door was wide open and haleigh was gone. i turned the house upside down and told her to call 911. >> let me show you the back door and show you how both doors close automatically. and i'm also going to show you the lock, because the lock is about three feet from the floor. and we know that that's about as tall as haleigh stands. >> i did take a polygraph. >> and you passed it? >> i mean, my understanding is that i passed it. >> what is her story about what happened that night? >> the same thing that she's telling police or whoever, that
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she went to bed -- she put haleigh to bed, done some laundry, went to bed and woke up to the door propped open. >> you said your back door was wide open? >> yes, it was a brick, like a brick on the floor. like when i went to sleep, it was not like that. >> why are you so sure that haleigh is still with us? >> because i stand on god's promise that if you pray and believe, that he will give you what you pray for. >> they keep saying that you failed. do you want people to know something about that? >> they're going to know. they're going to know. i just got to wait until my lawyer is ready. >> okay. i mean, would you -- >> that weekend was a lie. >> i mean, would you -- so are you saying that you didn't fail the polygraph, like people in law enforcement are kind of claiming that you did? >> no, i did not. >> okay. so bottom line, you don't know where haleigh is? >> bottom line. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy
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grace. our question before the break, about the hair and makeup and nice things. what about that? >> i can tell you this surfaced when misty was taken from town to get out of town, because tim miller of texas equusearch was afraid that because ronald had appeared to be very angry and possibly violent, that the only source of information for what happened might disappear if they didn't get misty out of town. he assigned a volunteer, donna brock, to take her to orlando. they spent several days together. she got her hair done, nails done, and was really pampered. i'll call donna her undercover mama. the idea was to have her get close to misty and see that if in environment she might reveal something. she hadn't, at that point. you remember she had flunked this polygraph that tim miller had set up, a voice stress analyst, although she maintains she did not. this was something that even the police knew about and that they were, if not hopeful, hope open
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to hearing about. >> okay. ellie jostad, let me ask you, who's been cleared? i know there's no real suspect, but cops have kind of sifted through the people they don't think are involved at all. >> well, right. i mean, police haven't come out and said anybody's 100% clear, although they did say -- and you know, police have been very quiet for the most part during this entire investigation. when they do make a press release, it has a lot of impact. and one thing that they said on haleigh's birthday was that they believe that the biological parents, ronald cummings and crystal sheffield are not considered to be suspects. but then they went on to say that they believe that misty cummings, or misty croslin, is the person that still has information that could be relevant. >> okay. now, i think it's really important that we talk about this case and where it stands right now. so, marlaina, just give us a quick, brief synopsis, where the cops with this case, as we speak? >> right now, they are still following up on 4,000 leads.
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they are not saying, at all, that they think haleigh is dead. they are saying they are still looking for a live haleigh, obviously, the possibility that she might be dead. and again, they are focusing on misty, because they still think that she holds the key to this investigation. >> dr. waz, a lot of months, you know, what -- i don't even want to think about her being deceased, but if she is, from an evidence standpoint, is that going to be compromised? >> depends. if any bruises on his skin, his muscles would certainly not be there for evaluation. if she had a broken bone, the bone -- i mean, the broken portion bone should be still there for an evaluation. >> okay. bethany marshall, you know, just from a psychological standpoint, the person who -- somebody knows, somebody knows what happened to this child. what's going through that person's brain right now? are they just so sociopathic
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just like, no guilt, got nothing to say? >> well, what probably is happening, the bigger this story gets, the more frightened they are of becoming implicated. because let's say they were at a party that night. let's say they did know what happened and they didn't come forward. that would be a very frightening situation. but, pat, i'm very concerned about the fact that hank jr. was recently discovered by police passed out in his car with drugs in the car and he had just dropped his little boy off at the school bus. and that tells me -- >> yes? >> that in this family, it's acceptable to have drugs around children, which in my mind increases the likelihood that perhaps haleigh was subjected to drugs and the likelihood that she could have ingested some herself. >> well, you know what, doug burns, defense attorney, he's the uncle and he had dropped his child off at the bus stop and boom, he's over the steering wheel and get arrested, it's pathetic, but you can't -- one
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doesn't mean it leads you to the number two, correct? >> yeah. but working off dr. marshall's point, the fact of the matter is, it could be just some horrible, tragic situation. they're all at a party, passing out, et cetera, and something untoward happens. which is different from an intentional killing. and the other thing is, not to be a broken record, but i would not be surprised at all if misty was in such a state during the relevant time where she simply just has no idea, no recollection, like a blackout, passout. >> my heavens. unbelievable to think of. let's see, who do we have for callers? how about kathy in pennsylvania. are you with us? excuse me. tina, illinois, first. tina, illinois? >> caller: yes. my question is, how's come her family's got to be arrested before they want to offer any kind of information about this little girl? >> well, hugo rodriguez, defense attorney, it's the whole strategy, correct? >> that's true. there has to be some leverage. they have to force them, in
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essence, they have to have a position of an upper hand to leverage them into doing this. we see when the brother was arrested before in order to get bond, he provided some information. whether it was valid or not, they then allowed him to go out on bond. we have to look now of the case of the father, exactly where he's at. he's going to be lawyered up and make decisions of what's in his best interest, but this is not unusual at all. they need a break in this case and the break will come with somebody talking to them. they need to make it happen. >> mark klaas, president and founder of klaas kids, i don't like to ask this question, but what are the chances this beautiful little child is somewhere alive? >> oh, i think the chances are -- i think the chances are 50/50. i mean, my goodness, we've seen more and more children that have been recovered -- jaycee dugard after 18 years, elizabeth smart after nine months, sean hornbeck after four years. so you always have to keep hope
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alive. you can never resign yourself in defeat, because basically, what happens then is the investigation halts. if they don't think that they're looking for a living little girl, i don't think anybody is going to have the motivation to continue looking and to keeping this as high profile as it is now. so i would encourage everybody to keep in mind all of these other cases and understand that the possibility of her being alive are good until it's proven one way or the other, hope has to remain alive. >> art harris, where does the search issue stand at this point? >> well, i don't know of any active searches, but i can tell you the kind of pressure they are putting on this family. i spoke with lindsay croslin, tommy's wife today. she said when the agent came to arrest her father-in-law, the female agent pulled her aside afterwards and said, lindsay, we are not going away. we're going to keep can arresting people and once we've finished putting everybody in
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jail, we're then going to take the children. this comes out of this hank or this tommy, you know, arrest from falling asleep at the bus stop. the local child welfare workers are now investigating him for that possible child endangerment. so they have a bit of leverage here, pat, and they're going to keep using it until they get what they think people know. >> doug burns, i have a feeling that you don't like some sort of agent taking people aside saying, we're going to go after you and everybody in your family and then we're going to take your kids. >> of course not, but a good defense lawyer is going to stress to the client that these are unrelated charges, not related to the disappearance. >> but they're legitimate. >> oh, yeah, but it can't force them to speak. >> is there any possibility that she left the home that evening and hasn't told you? >> if there is a possibility of it, i don't know anything about it.
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>> somebody stole my child out of my bed. i come home from work and my child was not there. >> i put her to bed about 8:00 and i woke up and she was gone and the back door was wide open. >> do you believe that misty was, indeed, home and that she's been telling the truth? >> yeah, i believe she's telling the truth. >> what we need is for misty to come down here and tell us the truth. >> i didn't hear anything at all. i was really exhausted that day, you know, really exhausted and when i laid down i guess i was just, you know, out. >> i was told that she went to bed at 10:00. being that exhausted, i think that maybe you could sleep
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through somebody being on the door. >> the officers are going to come out there and do what they can. we can't have him screaming and yelling at the officers whenever they get there, okay? >> uh-huh. >> give me the [ bleep ] phone. >> sheryl mccollum, i would have thought somebody would have cracked by now on this case. >> absolutely. but, again, you've got to keep in mind, pat, these people for their entire lives have covered things up and have lied for each other and lied to protect themselves. they do not trust anybody. so it's going to be harder to crack them than it might be somebody that grew up in a home full of trust and love and compassion. >> but bethany marshall, when you're talking about the drug addiction and the criminality and, you know, the laws not for us, necessarily, it just seems, eventually, somebody's going to have to slip through the cracks. >> it's so true. and, you know, families do have legacies. some have drug legacies. some have suicide legacies. some have mental illness
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legacies. and when there's this severe mental dysfunction legacy, when you get to the third generation, either family members begin to die or succumb to mental illness or someone has to be resilient enough to break the cycle. and who is that person going to be in this family? i know that hank's wife, hank jr.'s wife is a nurse and putting herself through school. so maybe she can be the one who's resilient enough to break the cycle so that more children don't slip through the cracks. >> oh, my goodness. ellie jostad, let's talk about that night. you know, we're talking about whether misty was home or misty wasn't home or misty was in a stupor. is there any evidence, did anybody see foot traffic going in and out of that trailer that night? some neighbor might have seen someone come over. >> well, we don't know of anything like that at this point. and police have said that misty's account does not match physical evidence that they found in this case. >> how so? >> however, they haven't revealed what that physical evidence might be. >> oh, there you go.
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okay. and mar llainamarlaina, what ab jailhouse letter? art mentioned it earlier, but how significant was that in terms of a lead? >> it was significant enough to have authorities question the person who wrote the letter and look into the story that was written in the letter about some sort of party and some drugs that misty might have been involved with. but since that letter surfaced, nothing has come of it. >> artist harris, certainly, the cops would have gone and found out what party happened and who was there and questioned every one of those people. >> they have and, pat, they have talked to people, thinking at some point, they found the party, they found a witness. and then it turns out that the apparently isn't right. as one detective told me, pat, this is like interviewing a rock. people do not remember. there's so much drugs in this community that if they find someone who could possibly testify, how will they hold up on the stand? big problem. >> we've got some other callers i want to get to.
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kathy in pennsylvania, good evening. and your question, please? >> caller: yes. doesn't anyone find it odd that misty just happened to wake up 20 minutes before ron came home to find haleigh missing? >> well, you know, doug burns, the issue is that she woke up to go to the bathroom and searched and searched, quote, under the bed, even though there is no bed, there are mattresses. that's a little dubious. how would you defend that? >> the caller makes a very, very good point. because those are the little, tiny type of clues that you try to piece together. you know, she's tried to cover it. the reality is is that as a defense lawyer in this case basically, you separate out law and morals. from a criminal law standpoint, there's no evidence that she did anything wrong other than nervously panic and perhaps not recounting it correctly, can you follow up with having to front and admit her drug problems and says she simply does not remember what happened. >> hugo rodriguez, a half hour it takes you to call 911.
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come on! >> when you put all the pieces together, there's quite a bit of circumstances there and circumstantial evidence, but it isn't sufficient to charge her with anything dealing with this girl's disappearance? but can you come up with any reason why a person would say, oh, i think i'll just wait a half hour until daddy comes home and then i'll call the cops. >> taking into the consideration the mentality and background of these people, nothing surprises me. >> art harris, what are the new leads? any? >> well, not really, pat. uh be but i can tell you, that night -- you've got to realize, this is a 17-year-old girl who has no real-world experience. she's looking -- assuming her story is true -- she's looking around the trailer, she's freaked out that, gosh, the father's going to come home, she goes outside, looks around, she's obviously in a panic. she called her mother, i interviewed her mother. but this is a very, very dysfunctional family with little
10:49 pm
education. you have to factor that in, that their reactions are not the perfect reactions that we think people should have. >> ellie, very quickly, are cops tailing misty? >> not that we know of. but, again, they've kept everything very quiet in this investigation. we don't know exactly what they're doing or what people they may be surveilling. >> and where is he right now, misty? >> she is back in the house with her parents. she did have a restraining order against her brother or a protective order. she had that dropped a few days ago, so she was able to move back into her parents' house. let's switch to something beautiful. tonight's cnn heroes. ladies and gentlemen, i am honored to present this hero, timry desylvia. >> since becoming a cnn hero last year, life for marie desylvia and her foundation has
10:50 pm
changed completely. thanks to $100,000 in donations from cnn viewers, desylvia was able to leave her job and devot herself full time to her foundation that educates aids orphans in malawi. >> we built it in six months after cnn nominated me. >> today the school has 320 students. desilva has been able to hire certified teachers and purchase tech books and even toilets for her school. >> i understand you had the first class graduate from your school. that must have been incredible. >> we didn't have the material. 16 children took the exams. they passed. >> all seven graduates are continuing with their tuitions donated by cnn viewers. >> the two of them happened and
10:51 pm
i was scrounging for anything i could do. >> it's not only alive, but thriving.
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10:54 pm
if you have any information leading to her, call it in. it don't matter who it hurts. i am not hiding anything for anybody. bring haleigh home. >> misty's father is in trouble. how serious is that? >> it could be very serious. we don't know if he is i consumer and an addict or dispensing and selling. if he is dispensing it could be charges with a minimum mandatory sentence. >> is that enough to make him talk if he does anything? >> depends on the quality of
10:55 pm
information. he could have a minimum sentence of jail, yes. >> cheryl, do you believe in your heart that somebody in the family knows what happened? >> i know absolutely. i feel the opposite about why he is going to talk. he is going to talk because she an addict and will get so sick, he wants out so he can get the next hit. he will give them information so he can get out and continue his addiction. >> if he is a severe addict and needs that pill, he might be influenced, correct? >> the severe drug intoxication and inference. how accurate and how much you can evaluate is leading to questions. haleigh had a syndrome and what is that? >> it's a genetic disease and people have this tendency to have a normal iq, but have a
10:56 pm
unique facial feature and the neck has a unique feature. >> bless that little child. >> people need to stay alive and alert on this case. what can they do if they have information? >> the sheriff's office set up a special e-mail to get the tips quickly and process them. it's send them an e-mail at that address. >> never too late. >> let's hope against hope that this beautiful child will come home to loving healthy arms. tonight let's stop to remember the army major killed in iraq and always dreamed of driving tanks and commissioned as a lieutenant. he had an appetite and remembered as a generous man and loving father and husband and loyal friend. leaves his wife audrey and children.
10:57 pm
michael m u.n. dell, american hero. our biggest thank you to you. nancy, thanks for the opportunity. see you tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. sharp. have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. adam lambert strikes back about his raunchy performance. he suggests he is being singled out because he's gay. star diet secrets just in time for thanksgiving. "showbiz tonight" reveals how the stars dropped so much weight. that's your news break, tv's most provocative news show starts at the top of the hour here on hln. xxxxxxxxxq
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